Friday, November 30, 2007

my baby daddy

Maybe it was because Jason's expected home coming but I had a dream that Jason and I were on the Maury show. Jason took me on the show to have a paternity test. The Maury show, for all who righty so avoid trash TV is a show which seems to only do paternity results shows. Now, I would never admit to actually watching this show and I do not usually but the thing is that if you flip past it and allow yourself to even hear one minute of it you just "have to know" what happens with that story. I discussed this phenomena with another kindred spirit (who shall remain nameless so she can salvage her dignity at also watching trash :) and she agreed that once you hear the woman say she is 989,400 billion percent sure "he is the father of my baby" (seriously, they make up these bizarre percentages and it is hilarious). I realize of course the whole thing is actually really sad if you really think that there are children involved but for some reason you get sucked in. Now, do not judge me unless you want to get your own blog called (for which you would have plenty of examples and I would gladly read everyday). The show is oddly addictive, like someone wearing crazy make-up or acting the fool in public you just stare and cannot help it.
Now, back to my dream. It ended right before the results were given(do no worry I am 100 zillion percent sure) . Also, there was some how some men wearing space suits in the audience and then the next thing I remember we were driving in a semi truck looking for a place to eat lunch? What a weird dream! My baby daddy just got back from India and is now sleeping off some jet lag. If I needed any more proof that Anni is indeed Jason's child see the two videos below. I threw in the last one so you can see the dance that J will never do! :) Ok, so bizarre but humor me!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anni is my tattoo

I often come across quotes worthy of notice. When I was a teacher I was notorious for plastering quotes all over my room, from M.L. King to Tupac to Millard Fuller, I think other people often say it best. When someone else touches part of my life or the human experience I feel it important to note.

In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert says, "Having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You really need to be certain it's what you want before you commit."
So true. For me, I guess it is like hoping for one, then getting the tattoo that encompasses your entire face and after a while you realize that tattoo is treasured beyond any reason.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

naked and jobless in India...poor J!

Just got a call from Jason this AM, his 9pm there and he arrived safely but things are not going as planned to put it mildly. Here is the low down:
The airline lost his luggage which included all his clothes except what he was wearing plus a bunch of books he had checked out of the library to work on his grad school research paper (he hoped to finish it while he was there). On the up side he did get 3 seats all to himself and was able to sleep on the flight. But he has been wearing the same clothes since arriving and when I spoke to him he was naked in his room as he had just sent them to the laundry. They did give him like 50 bucks to get some clothes but he still only has 1 pair of boxers- poor guy!
It gets worse.......then yesterday morning his boss calls and tell him that they (in Chicago) decided to CANCEL the project he flew 18 hours to work on! 12 hours after he left they made this decision, tell me no one knew something about this or at least had an inkling before he left Sunday!
So, to sum up he is in India with no clothes and no job to do. They wanted him to turn around and get on a flight home but he cannot as if he does the hopes of ever seeing his luggage again are slim to none. Plus, he has to wait until tomorrow morning for the guys for Chicago to conference call and tell all the guys in India that the project they have all been tirelessly working on is off. They also suggested that he could "sight see" around India for a few days with his own money- HELLO! What is that? Jason also said "it did not sound good" from his boss so who knows what that means? The whole situation has a weird vibe. So, we may see J sooner that we had thought! Please pray that he is safe and that they find his luggage as that is just annoying.

Monday, November 26, 2007

she still is a dancin' fool!

You may remember the previous post about Anni's love of dance. She is still groovin' and I could not help but put some of her recent moves into this little video. Her dancing always makes me smile, it is one of the many things I love about her.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Santa sucks & Mama gets a night out

That describes our day yesterday. We ventured back out to the burbs to spend more time with my family and Great Grandparents before they head back to St. Louis and before Jason leaves for India (work trip). We took Anni over to Wheaton Drama to see Santa and she was pretty much horrified by him. This picture is the closest she would get to him, beside her quick lightening move to steal some candy from the lil' Santa Toy box when another kid was picking some out. She clung to that Lemon Head for the next 30 minutes but sadly her mean Mama never opened it or allowed her to taste the fruit of her sneakiness. When I think about it it is actually quite normal that small kids would be scared of Santa. First of all, they know nothing of his supposed magical and beneficial (to them) toy giving, sleigh riding, ho ho ho taunting hoax. Second, he is kind of scary looking, who knows what is hiding beneath that out of control white facial hair?
After the Santa fiasco we headed to a craft fair (the girls only as Jason would probably rather gnaw off his left arm or volunteer for a root canal). When I think craft fair images of hand woven lace couch dollies and sewn and quilted useless things like a Kleenex box covers come to mind but this one was actually pretty good! They even had a chips and salsa booth with unlimited samples area (although as I had not eaten any lunch they may now rethink the whole "unlimited" part). A funny aside Annikah liked the chips and salsa samples more then a chocolate covered pretzel sample I gave her: Go Spicy Senorita! Two of my mom's good friend met us there as well and we have fun visiting a bit and chasing each other around the fair buying up various unneeded but so cute things. My mom got Annikah this ridiculously adorable sweater- I love it!

After the craft fair we went back to my parent's house and my Great Grandma showed us some old pictures and even a ration stamp book she had saved from World War II. It was so awesome to see these pictures, they smell of the past and being the history geek I am I ate it up. After feeding Anni dinner we headed back to the city and I was able to go out with some High School friends, some of whom I reconnected with at my high school reunion. Jason stayed home to watch Anni and pack for India (he leaves today*).

We went to the Elbo Room to see my friend Kathy's hubby play in his band Last. We were a bunch of groupies! Kathy and I were badminton buddies back in the day as well as partner's in many tee peeing incidents. She is a great girl and it is awesome to see her happy! The bizarre part of the story is that her husband Jim actually went to WEGO (our high school) as well but in high school they were not friends or even in the same crowd really. They reconnected in college and started dating and the rest is history. So fun!

Annelea, Jesse, Grant, and Josh were also there and we got to catch up, at least as much as you can shouting over bands playing.

It was fun to actually "go out" but we collectively decided we are officially OLD. I present the following as evidence of our elderly status:

quotes uttered by us last night:
"this is too loud"

"did you just yawn? It is only 9:30pm"

"gross, there is too much smoke in here"

"do you all want to go upstairs and find a place to sit down?"

"responsibilities suck"

"I cannot hear you, yell louder!"

Despite my old age and early departure I was glad to be able to see these friends and support Jim is his rocking on!

* Jason will be gone for 2 weeks and my extroverted self is shamelessly asking for friends/family to come by, have play dates, hang out, have dinner with , etc. So, even if you are motivated by pity- I will take it as I would love to see you!! Holla at a girl!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I am thankful for many things..... my home, God's provision and guidance, salsa, Jason, my family, clean laundry, my friends, my daughter, music, peppermint mocha's, jeans that fit and make you look skinnier than you really are, creativity, warm days, books, laughter, the freedom I have to be myself, the love in my life, forgiveness, my health, the abilities God has given me, the smell of burning leaves, the way other people in our lives love Annikah, a nice long sweaty run, food (cannot list all here but FOOD, glorious food), sleep, silence, the noisy city, warm fleece pants, kindness and grace, and many more things that escape my typing right now. Not that I need a sort of made up, not historically accurate holiday to be thankful but it is a good reminder. We headed out to the burbs to see my family and enjoyed our day. My mom said she heard something on TV about the average person eats about 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving and never to be "average" I think I doubled that. Anni enjoyed seeing her Great Grandparents and was able to taste the fabulous meal for the first time this year since last year she was mostly still into milk. Her favorite part of the meal was the vanilla ice cream that accompanied the pumpkin pie (a funny side note that, like her mama, she DID NOT like the pumpkin pie:). My little sis was home from college and my brother and his girlfriend; Annie joined us as well. My mom made a delicious feast and we wasted no time packing it in. Even Anni got in on the turkey action!
We spent most of the night playing Apples to Apples (which is a fun game that is you have never played DO IT!) and I further realized that I like Annie as she and I seemed to be in mind meld mode always picking one another's cards.
Anni is still a bit afraid of Great Grandpa and his loud, deep voice saying "hey you, I gave you money for your college you better like me" does not seem to be helping. Until she can appreciate a good baseball game and a cold beer I am not sure they will have much in common.
Annikah loved visiting with Auntie Katy and stealing Great Grandma's ice cream though. She does know how to work that cute little smile and "hi"- works every time! Happy Thanksgiving to you, you are no doubt one of the things I am thankful for!

Monday, November 19, 2007

exploring at the Children's Museum

Last week Anni & I went to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier with Kim and her daughter Ava. It was a last minute, dreary weather, mom-in-need-of-getting-out-to-remain-sane decision and we had fun! These are some great pics of our time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

and her fifth word is....

I know I recently updated this blog with Anni's recent obsession with saying "Hi" but I had to inform everyone that her fifth word after Papa, kitty, more, and Hi is......

She is truly my child.

Friday, November 16, 2007

my husband is awesome & I have amazing friends

Last night Jason (in cahoots with my bestest friend Jill and some other fabulous gals) threw me a surprise party!! And I was totally shocked! Jason is pretty good at surprises (some may remember our proposal story or when he took my to NY) but this one took me completely off guard. Back Story: Jill had called a few weeks back to see if we could do dinner and catch up. Of course, I said "yes" since we both agree we have outdoing each other for the "worst friend of the milenia" award because we have not seen each other enough, especially since she moved to Rogers Park. Jill came and picked me up at 7pm and we headed out to Cosy (yummy Thai food) but then before we got anywhere she said she needed gas. While filling the car my cell rang and it was Jason saying Jill must have forgotten her cell there and it had been ringing. Jill asked if we could run back and get it and I of course said yes (I understand the addiction to a cell phone like no one else and was sympathetic). We actually ended up parking her car and walking back to my place so I could drive (on my suggestion because of the recent crime wave in the neighborhood- more on that later). I even forgot my keys and had to buzz and as soon as I opened the door there were about 10 of my gal pals and Jason yelling surprise! He even ordered Garcia's Mexican food for everyone and got me a cake from Swedish Bakery with marzipan (if you have never had this stop what you are doing and jump in the nearest car, ok make sure it is yours, and come over we have leftovers).
My friends also helped him make up a Roxanne trivia quiz (which Suzanne & Jill won but since they did not want to take the prize chocolates home we opened them and feasted on them, a suggestion by Unity who also started a campaign yesterday to be on this blog). So Unity, that is for you although I should consider bribes for more lengthy posts describing how beautiful, amazing, and fabulous she is (all true but hey, I am deep into Chicago style politics, so bribe on)! Jason quickly made himself scarce so we could talk and as is usually our conversations ranged from poop to in funny law visit stories to how tall Bono really is? They also gave me a scrapbook with pictures and pages from each person with encouraging words, accolades, poems, and thoughts, I of course; cried and it blessed my heart. There are so many more things I could say about the night but all I can think to express is my deep gratitude for my husband who knows me well and who seeks to serve and love me; what a gift! And for friends that would take time out to celebrate me and encourage me! I am one blessed birthday girl!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a candle in guacamole.......

......what more could a birthday girl ask for? Since I am not really a sweet tooth kinda chick Beck knew to put my candle in some fresh and scrumptious guacamole, it is nice to be known! I had a fabulous birthday lunch with girlfriends Beck & Laura. They treated me at Bom Bon Cafe to some yummy Mexican food and even sang to me (a shameless attempt to get some free cake?). It worked! We finished it off with some Mexican lattes. Seriously, a lunch with gal pals and Mexican food: Fab! Thanks girls, I love ya! Happy Birthday to me!

*Jason also gave me a card "from Annikah" this morning with a promise of tickets to see Wicked!! It actually said "to Mama, a night without me. Love, Anni" Sounds great :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

how Anni is doing with "talking"

So now that Anni is 14 months old the common question I get from people is "is she talking?" My answer is "kind of." This was my conception of how talking went with toddlers: I thought her first word would be monumental, of earth shattering importance but the truth is I really do not even know what it was. She started making sounds but they seemed random. I suppose it would be "Papa" if I had to pick but in reality it came out more like "papapapapa" and seemed to refer to Jason as much as her shoe or a dog trotting along past her stroller. She now definitely uses Papa to refer to Jason and every night when we pick him up from the train she starts saying "papa" when she hears the train rumble by. I will say that in about the last week or so she has discovered the word "hi" and it is adorable. She even uses it appropriately, albeit she sometimes over indulgences in the word. Example: last night At Jewel she said "hi" about 25 times to the check out woman who (bless her) thought it was fabulously cute and responded every time with "hi" back. Anni even said "hi" to Grandma Ronnie on the phone today. She still has trouble with Mama and most of the time calls me "ba," a name I am not fond of. Come on kid , I take care of you every waking second can I get more than "Ba"? Gimme something, anything but "ba." We have heard a barely intelligible "kitty" as well referring to Bonita. We also swore she said "marker" twice this past weekend while holding a highlighter although we realize the likelihood of this is not great. Although she will not be heard reciting sonnets anytime soon she is doing just fine with her little noises. Here is a video of her latest "Hi" obsession.
-"Ba" signing off

Monday, November 12, 2007

bear moose or whatever

We went to Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort this weekend to celebrate my b-day (a few days early). Kudos to Jason for planning a fun weekend for us as a family. The resort was actually called Moose Goose Goat Bear Butt lodge by me, that name evolved over the past few weeks as we discussed our trip, ie. "I cannot wait til we go to that Bear Moose place". At first it was " Bear Moose" because I could never remember the name and Jason would laugh at how ridiculous it was that I called it the wrong name so I decided to really show him ridiculous by changing the name to include whatever animals struck my fancy (ie. goat and goose), then I threw in the butt for just good measure. Ok, I guess you had to be there but it was funny. Whatever it was called Anni LOVED it.
It was definitely one of those family vacation, tourist trap places but we had a blast! Annikah was still recovering from being sick but whenever she was in the water she was a new baby! She was quite adventurous and even went down the smaller waterslides by herself by the end of the weekend. The Anstee family joined us Saturday in our water park madness and Anni enjoyed playing with "big girl" Indigo and partner in crime (and kissing) Aislin.
Jason was even more excited to have a fellow testosterone filled man to watch the Illini game with. Beck and I always have tons to talk about and had a great time catching up while chasing the kids. Jason, Anni, and I even had time on

Saturday morning (due to Anni's bright and early wake up call) to head out to Starved Rock State Park for some hiking. I know, tourist trap and nature, it was a bipolar weekend but fun. Anni had a rough night on Sunday probably due to her ear infection but she had a great time all in all. Jason and I relaxed and took some time to just enjoy our little family. Happy (almost) birthday to me!

Friday, November 9, 2007

here's hoping you....

find something that makes you laugh this hard today.

We are headed out of town again today but this time for FUN! I had to post this video of Anni this morning eating breakfast before we left. Hope it makes you laugh. We all need to find things that make us laugh this hard. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Could I do it?

I recently read an article in Relevant Magazine about a guy who decided to live one entire year of his life following the Bible exactly. And we are not just talking New Testament here (as if that would not be challenging enough) but both books. I break "do not covet" and "be slow to anger" at least once a day, most of the time before lunch so this premise intrigued me. Could I ever really live out the Old & New Testament. Thankfully, we live in the age of grace and I know my sins have been paid in full. I cannot earn a place in heaven by anything I have done or can do. But, it just got me thinking; if God required it of me could i do it?

Living Old Testament laws seems impossible when I think about the adjustments one would have to make to follow the Jewish laws exactly. Just for example, never wearing clothes of mixed fibers. In our days of cotton-poly- spandex wonders even finding outfits would be difficult never mind they must be white (Ecc 9:8). What about staying away from everyone when you are menstruating or your spouse never being able to sit or lay on a bed where a menstruating woman has been (Lev15:20)? Jason would be sleepin' on the floor!

This guy; Al Jacobs lived this way for a year and wrote a book called The Year of Living Biblically. He did not shave or cut his hair and even took a trip to Israel to learn how to shepherd. What was most interesting to me is why he chose to do this and what he learned. He is "officially Jewish" but using his words he was Jewish the way Olive Garden is Italian, not very. He decided he needed to see what was missing and wanted to study the Bible in a real way.

He discussed the rules that he learned the most from (keep the Sabbath and give thanks) along with the ones that were most difficult to follow (stone adulterers). He even pointed out the rules that he kept the entire year without violating once, "do not sacrifice your children to Molech" (Lev 20:5). At least sacrificing your kids to pagan gods is an easy one to keep!

A couple of quotes from the article resonated with me:
"I was surprised by how relevant much of the Bible's ancient wisdom was to my 21st century life"
"I was surprised at how baffled I was at other passages"
"I was surprised by how the Bible revealed my flaws and challenged me to be a better person"

When I read scripture I feel all these things at different times. I am grateful that scripture is alive and can speak to us in the midst of our technology driven society. I am thankful that I do not have to follow there letter of the Old Testament Law that would lead me to death but rather I have the spirit of the law in me that leads to freedom.

"1Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. 3For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in sinful man, 4in order that the righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit. " (Romans 8:1-4).

While I will not be living away from the world like a leper when I am on my period anytime soon I thought this man's journey was interesting and worthwhile pondering.

Monday, November 5, 2007

lovin' the leash

So add this to the list of things I said I would never do with my own child: put them on a "leash." A few years back I remember seeing Moms with their kids attached to little cords supposedly made less animal-like by being adorned with little bells, toys, and bright colors. I smugly though to myself: "how cruel, I would never do that. Children must be allowed to roam free and experience life."

I have now officially changed my position. My mom brought Anni this little monkey backpack/ kid leash a while back and recently Anni discovered it hanging in our entry way. I put it on her and she was hooked (bad pun, I know). She actually enjoys wearing it and I must say I appreciate it in a crowded grocery store. I am sure I have those who stare and think the same things I thought a few years ago but now that Miss Anni Joy walks (and by walk I mean runs!) everywhere asking her to sit in a cart for more than 1 minutes 30 seconds is akin to Chinese water torture. Of course I want Annikah to roam free just not in Whole Foods and not to pull down 20 boxes of pasta (like she did at Trader Joe's last week). I want to get in, get my overpriced organic butternut squash, and get that so wrong?
No judgements. She does look stinkin' cute though!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

more party madness

After a luncheon at First Free (our church) today we headed to Annikah's friend (well, I guess they are really our friends but Anni's friends by association) Ava's 1st birthday party. It was a beautiful fall theme and it was such fun to see all the kids interact. Ava is adorable (see pic above) and makes 1 look good! Annikah indulged AGAIN in the sweets including ice cream and cake. I think after this weekend of sweets and parties we both need a detox diet this week. The major event at the party, of course besides the cake eating business, was a baby race. The results are highly debated but in the end we think it was a tie between Anni & her friend Charlotte. Although Charlotte was a bit fonder of the actual racing Anni was swift to make her way to me, her clingyness paid off with stellar speed in the fight to the finish. I captured it on video so you can see for yourself the controversial finish. The prize was a trophy (I know, how funny is that?) and we decided Charlotte and Greg should take home the spoils so Nicole could see it. But before we let it go we had to get one sweet photo with Anni & Charlotte reveling in their victory (that is Andy holding Joshua on the end- how hilarious is that?). Sweet, sweet victory!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween par-tay!

Tonight was our friend's Zach & Kate Danielson's annual Halloween party! It was fabulous as usual even though we left by 8:30pm. Although leaving that early Anni was still up over an hour past her bedtime. But with the cookies she managed to finagle from everyone who tried to enjoy one she was completely wired and really enjoyed herself, maybe her sippy cup was spiked?
The hosts: Zach, Kate, and new party go'er Issac

How cute is that cowardly lion?

I look scary old!

Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf!

The Cha family kingdom!

Anni & her boyfriend Joshua were doing a little smoochin'!

"Mama, you look crazy!"

By the end of the party our Little Red was taking off her clothes and getting a bit saucy.

*special thanks to Grandma Ronnie for smuggling the wig, glasses, & fur from the Wheaton drama prop room, they will all soon return!

God is good, like really good

That is not exactly the verse but that is my version. God is good to us, all the time. After the unexpected car expense of last week we were really hurting and a bit worried about finances. God knew our need and answered in a big way. We have been trying to sell the Volvo since July and although about 20 people looked at it we never had an offer that was even remotely reasonable until 2 days ago. Jason sold it last night and we now have the money to cover the Blazer repair costs (plus a little extra). God does not have to meet us in these needs but He often does and it builds my faith to know He cares even about our small financial worries.

Jason was bit sad to see "his" car go!

But he was way happier to get the money we need! We thought we had to take a pic of Jason holding that much cash as he will most likely never have that much in hand again :)

Friday, November 2, 2007


So today I got a massage. The word does not at all do it justice. Maybe I shall call it a super-duper joy-inducing-lube-down!
My amazing girlfriends gave me a check to get a massage right after the marathon and you do the math it has now been about a month but at least I finally set the time aside. I have never had a massage and always felt like it would be a bit weird to bare it all and get rubbed down by some guy you hardly know named Zeke (ok, is it just me who thinks the guy would be named Zeke?) but it was actually one of the most relaxing hours of my life. The massage therapist played soft music and used this wonderfully herb-y smelling oil. I was quiet for an entire hour. Every muscle in my body was at peace and I thought I would melt through the table into a pool on the floor beneath. It was one of the most selfish hours I have had in a while and I needed it. After it was all done and I got dressed I blurted out that I felt like I should promise him my first born son or something for such a fabulous experience. Payment did not seem to be enough as I was a new woman. The best part was the walk home, enjoying the cool air hit my face and my still warm and jelly-like body grateful for every step I was taking. I do not appreciate my body enough, not just self image wise but also functionality-wise. I should be more amazed at God's creation. How everything functions together in harmony to allow me to walk, run, craft, write, snuggle, rest, caress, love. I sometimes only notice when something is not "working right" and forget to marvel at the creation that is my body. This ability to reflect is spiritual and I am grateful God engineered us to make the mind body connection.
I thought of this passage and I like this version in the Message:

We follow this sequence in Scripture: The First Adam received life, the Last Adam is a life-giving Spirit. Physical life comes first, then spiritual—a firm base shaped from the earth, a final completion coming out of heaven. The First Man was made out of earth, and people since then are earthy; the Second Man was made out of heaven, and people now can be heavenly. In the same way that we've worked from our earthy origins, let's embrace our heavenly ends.
1 Corinthians 15:49
I feel very Zen right now.
Ok, back to my reality of cleaning dried mac-n-cheese off the floor of the kitchen.

*special thanks for my Zen-like state to Kim, Beck, Laura, Andrea, and Sarah (who recommended the massage therapist. You ladies are awesome!

busy & fabulous Halloween!

We had a fabulous Halloween. First of all it was wonderfully warm which always makes me happy! Remember when you were a kid and it was always so cold that your mom would make you wear a coat over your cute costume. Not today! No coat needed!
I finished sewing Anni's costume last night and I was so excited to dress her up as Little Red Riding Hood. Jason is going to be the Big Bad wolf and I will be Red's grandmother for the Halloween party we are going to Saturday and of course I will post more pics after the party (as an aside after I researched this fairy tale on the web I realized it is a bit morbid and scary but I already started the costumes so we went with it). Anni was super cute in her costume and this year she could actually kind of enjoy Halloween (as opposed to last year when she was still sort of amoeba like). Of course she had no idea why she was wearing the get up but she sure did enjoy the candy (first time ever!) and cookie. She got candy from her friends that work at the library. I selected Twizzlers as I thought that was the less of many evils in the bucket-o-sugar they were offering. After her nap we went to the Rogers Park Parents meet up event at the Common Cup. It was organized by two RP friends and they did a great job of decorating and making everyone feel welcome.

Anni thought the get together was pretty fab as soon as she got her hands on a giant chocolate cookie (I even noticed cookie in her ear on the walk home). Events like this make me feel warm & fuzzy about our neighborhood.

After picking up Jason from the train we fed Anni and he went off on his free burrito adventure and I headed off to the YUCK JAM at Awana (at Family Empowerment Center). I stole these ideas for gross & disgusting food games from Kidstreet. We had the kids search through "puke" for marshmallows, find "worms" in "dirt" using only their mouths, and many other fun but gross Halloween games.

I love Halloween! It is an excuse to act crazy and then eat obscene amounts of sugar until one lapses into a fructose induced coma. Sugar 'em up and send them home to their parents is my motto. More on our Halloween adventures this weekend!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

shameless behavior for free stuff

There seems to be no end to what Jason & I will do for free stuff. Like for example wrapping our sweet little girl in tin foil. Jason heard (and then verified on the web)that if you went to Chipotle today dressed as a burrito you got one free so after I picked him up from work I wrapped him with tinfoil and he even put some on Anni in the hopes of getting 2 for free! It worked and after I got home from Awana I used the same tinfoil and ran down to get my free chicken burrito. Dinner for tomorrow night covered. I passed on the love by giving my foil to some people behind me that did not know about the free burrito! Gotta love free food!