Saturday, June 22, 2013

World Refugee Day in Chicago

Today we headed to the lake front with Nyasoni for World Refugee Day Chicago!  It was a blast with many volunteers from different organizations and refugees from different cultures and with different languages united by common life experiences in coming to the U.S.  It was a huge party including dancing, a soccer tournament, kid's games, performances by CircEsteem, and lots of hanging out and eating ethnic food. It was a great day and I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to be able to befriend and learn from people from all over the world.
luckily there is no shame in my game (although upon further reflection maybe there should be) of my big prego self joining in the African drumming and dancing. I'll spare you the video .....and you're welcome.
The girls were big fans of the game time (and with so many kids who spoke very little English it pretty much amounted to controlled complete chaos)
Evy joined the chaos under the parachute even though homegirl clearly understands English and has no excuse. It was the thing to do.
IMG_2711 IMG_2749 IMG_2714
This little girl has gotten so big since the Mother's Day brunch! We also got to meet new extended family that just arrived last week.
IMG_2756 IMG_2775
Anni gets tips from the Circus performer's groupIMG_2762
I also posted about World Relief Day in Chicago at Hawa Images here. It was a day well spent with friends.

VBS in the burbs

The girls hung out with Bibi and Babu last week in the burbs for some summer fun and VBS!
Can you see Miss Evy all the way on the left bawling her eyes out? Not sure what that was all about but girl had issues this morning. Last year Evy was too young but this year she attended all week although she was rumoured to cry and be clingy a few mornings. They both had a blast and I joined them for the last day before hitting some serious garage sales with my mom (and can I just say peeps in the suburbs be givin' stuff away!!!)
IMG_2636 IMG_2645 IMG_2624
song time was a serious highlight "...lower, lower" IMG_2626
"wider, wider, make Jesus wider.."
Despite some comments on instagram (that make me know for sure I have hilarious friends) the theme was not "Pagan VBS."  It was Paul's journeys and his charge to us that follow after Jesus. Good stuff, time getting spoiled with Bibi and Babu, and new friends: summer officially rules!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A night that went to the birds

We just finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins and the girls loved the book so we decided to throw a Penguin party and invited a friend to celebrate with us.  We stole all our ideas from Pinterest but let's face it the black olive, carrot, and cream cheese penguins never did get made.  Really, who was I kidding in even buying the stuff for them? I don't assemble foods that require toothpick set-up, sigh. We did get the movie from the library and besides buying some candy we used things we already had in the house.
This instalment of Family Fab night was a blast and we love us any excuse to celebrate and be silly.
"Mama, sorry, me just farted a little bit" was uttered right as I snapped this picture and for that reason I absolutely LOVE it (and the fish pizza is pretty cool too!). Also, just noticed there is pizza sauce in her ear. love.
catch the "ice blocks" (umm, marshmellows) in your mouth game
make your own pizza and movie watching
the girls and I made this cake and those little foam penguins. God bless the hot glue gun.
Check out our little penguins sitting lovingly on their paper mache eggs. Right after this was taken they threw them as hard as they could against the brick wall to break them open and get the candy inside. Gotta love kids.
Happy Penguin Party to you,

Midsommer Fest

Our neighborhood has a street festival every year called Midsommer Fest which; as most street fests are, is really an excuse for people to buy crafty chachkeys and drink too much by 10am.  We braved the crowds and with a double stroller and Annikah walking next to us it was no small feat y'all! I gotta say I love city chaos and the summer festivals are crazy at its best.

This year Annikah performed on the family stage twice! She recited a poem that she had memorized for school at a talent show and then she danced her heart out with her Hip Hop crew.  
Some friends came to see Miss Anni perform and she thought having an entourage to cheer her on was pretty fabulous.

 Annikah performing her poem. Even though there were tears moments before she pretty much rocked it (even if she forgot what a poem is)...

Proud Mama,

Monday, June 17, 2013

1st grade: DONE

So this post is a few weeks overdue but as many end of the school year Mamas' I was mostly limping across the finish line folks.  But we made it! We celebrated by giving Miss Anni Joy these certificates at our family meeting to much hootin' and hollering.

*And don't even get me started on the epic journey of growing out her bangs.  I have done everything but offer her $50 to cut them again since this is what we are battling daily yo.  I have given up the good fight and so if you do not see Annikah's eyes for the next few months just know she has beautiful brown eyes like her Papa. 
Congrats Annikah Joy! You are an almost second grader. 

a day with Bibi

The girls are out with Bibi this week for VBS and I'm finally getting caught up with photo editing, emailing, and other super important things like reading on the couch in my PJ's all morning. Last week Bibi joined us in the city for a day at the Children's museum downtown and we had a great day exploring every inch of the museum.
It was also our first day with this little guy who we had the privilege of caring for and loving on last week.
fire fighting tough girl
Evy is pretty hilarious, just ask this guy.
the favorite part of their time: the art studio.
paper making
Who knew paper making was this exciting?
We will definitely be at the museum again soon for more frolicking and general merriment. Wanna come?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Father's Day

We spent Saturday and Sunday with my family with our first lake housing of the season. The car ride was rough for me but the sunshine and family made it worth the drive.  It was Father's Day and while this was the best photo we could muster today we love us some Papa! IMG_0968
 The girls and I convinced Bibi to do a jammie ride in the wee hours to get J a special yummy latte to celebrate his awesome-ness.  These girls love him something fierce and made home-made cards that were truly presh.  I asked Annikah to write the reasons they love Papa and here are some excerpts...."I love you papa because you take my on dates and I love you becase you help me and Mama and Evy and becase you are kind to me and nise (nice) to me. I love you vere vere (very) much!" and Evy as dictated to Anni, "I love you Papa becase he helps me and he gives me rel (real) hugs and he snugols (snuggles) me and him let me play on him IPad and he cums with us a lot of plasis (places)" 
Seriously, the part about the snuggles and taking them on dates: I melted. And the bit about the Ipad. Bless their hearts.
Men who invest, count the cost, provide for, protect, lead in self sacrificing ways, and love their wives and children are truly blessings and I got me one of those baby daddies. I love you Jason.  So much and for so many reasons. Spending the day with my Dad and family to celebrate Father's Day was great.
jet ski highs
P.S. Do the vertical stripes make me look less prego pudgy?