Saturday, June 28, 2014

guest blog on IGVP

Eeek, so I am a dork (but you already knew that) and am so excited to be a guest blogger over on International Visual Peacemaker's Guild

When I was asked to write about visual peacemaking I felt a bit intimidated since I am still a beginner but it was a great opportunity to really think through why I believe our approach to creating images can be as important as the actual images. I'm doing this photography thing...someone pinch me!    

Monday, June 9, 2014

Celebrating Holi...India Part 4

Being in India for the Holi festival of colors has been on my bucket list since the day I saw the colorful, chaotic images of people throwing colored powder on each other. As I was gushing to a friend she commented, "I can see you there- you are colorful and crazy!" True people. True.  And I was there!!

Admittedly the town (Bundi) we were in for Holi was not the massive crowds and chaos that I expected and I actually am grateful after hearing stories of some unsavory-ish behavior that can go down in those big crowds.  It was just my speed and I was able to capture a bit of the celebrating.  I actually consider it a miracle I have ANY good images from the day because my camera (actually a friend's camera I was borrowing and protecting with my life) was completely enclosed in a plastic rain sleeve thingy (yes, I believe that is the professional word for it). You can see some of my images of the celebrations here.  

Some fellow photographers on the trip shared these images with me. This is Narendra who was our guide and later invited us to his home village. It was an awesome day; you can see the images and read the stories here.

Walking around the streets people just come up and say "Happy Holi" and smear color on your face and hair.  The holiday is also an excuse for little kids to run amok with squirt guns and powder (think Halloween but way less parental supervision:) and adults to celebrate together. India is so colorful and this festival just seems to fit perfectly.

Love this image I made of our leader Mitchell- you can check out his work here. I learned so much from him and the others on the trip.

The Holi aftermath
My favorite memory of Holi was dancing and celebrating at a small gathering at a home near where we stayed. We heard the gathering and went over to peek and were invited in. There was dancing and prayers and what I can only describe as a chaos of colors celebration. Lisa made this image of me in on the dancing because seriously where else would I be? Being invited to share in a cultural celebrations is a gift that should never be wasted or taken for granted. It was a privilege to celebrate Holi with the people of India. And if you come over I may just smear color on your face and yell "Happy Holi!!" Hey, don't say I did not warn you!

5 a day challenge: day 5 (and I am cheating and posting 6)

I'm actually sad this is my last day of the challenge. I think I am really going to try to keep my gear with me more because we all know I need more junk to haul around everywhere I really loved capturing the small things of everyday!  Our Sunday was packed and fabulous and I cannot settle on only 5 so I am totally breaking the rules on this last day. Here is 6 on the 5th day....

Evy worked it out to the Deliverance Singers after church this morning. It was awesome to worship Him together and the music just does not allow one to stand still for any length of time.

The girls and I had a shift at Midsommarfest inviting kids to join them at camp this summer. It is gonna be awesome y'all!

Grabbing a free sample of Oreo ice cream ridiculousness (code for pure sugar) at the festival. I seriously think my kids will be awake for days considering how much glucose they ingested today. They were crazysauce ALL day.

Um, so yeah.....this is real life a lot of the time. Can't even remember what tragedy/injustice she was crying about (maybe she lost a sticker or wanted to have the pink plate...sigh.) but Abishai was having none of it.

We finally had a tutorial of Korean BBQ with good friends. The food and the fellowship was fabulous!

And then on the way home we took a shady and packed alley where we had to carefully navigate since most streets are blocked because of the festival flat. So that was fun. J changed it while I wrangled all 3 kiddos. I love these images, not because our lives or my kids are perfect but because our lives ARE full and we are blessed to get to journey our days together.
Happy last week of school!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

a village called Harna

Meet Ghasi. He lives in a small village called Harna that I was blessed to spend the day exploring and where I was welcomed again and again. See and read more of the stories on Hawa Images here.

5 a day challenge: day 4

Evy's first without Mama birthday party (although clearly I only buzzed off after snapping some pics of the pirates). My girl is so big!!

Anni and I went to visit Miss Bea from Belize. She is pretty amazing. She told us about her 9 children (3 of whom had passed away) and her many grandchildren (when I asked how many she said "girl, you don't even know!"). She refused to let Anni leave without giving her so many trinkets her arms (and our hearts) were full.

We spent the afternoon at Midsommarfest since it is basically in our back alley. Anni performed with her drama class and her Hip Hop class and we loved people watching and of course the busy festival!

Anni was working it out yo! This move is called the 6-step.

It is hard to describe how much I love this image....or these girls! I love this challenge because it is reminding me to capture the rich moments of every day.  And the everyday is good stuff y'all.
Thanks for following along,

Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 a day challenge: day 3

Aldi run with 2 of the 3

these besties wrap up things from home almost everyday to give as 'gifts' to each other. Today Evy gave of our colored pencils and marker collection. Just love this friendship.

It is so easy to love those who love my kids.

got together with these lovely ladies and their Mamas' for Mother/Daughter Date #2. They loved getting their nails did (and being silly together)

My sweet girl and I looking in the mirror and talking about real beauty and reminding each other that God creates us unique and beautiful. Praying she sees herself through His eyes and not the world's.
Yeah for Day 3.

Friday, June 6, 2014

5 a day challenge. day 2

only a secure man can rock the pink diaper and blue moccs look (the hashtag on this would be: littlebrotherof2sisters)

never underestimate the power of bringing a friend their fav coffee or tea and it is my perfect excuse to enjoy me some MLF

sandals & green grass: Hallelujah!

"I'm pretty awesome at climbing this Mama!"

McD's drive Thru: it happens. Especially on busy days we spend every available moment in the glorious sunshine. Day 2 of the 5 for 5.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 a day challenge: day 1

So a fabulous cyberspace friend put out the challenge to post 5 images a day for 5 days and I realized this is just what I need to grab my camera and document our crazy, mundane, exciting, ridiculous days. So here goes. I will probably be late in posting because, well, it is me y'all. But here goes......

my little man loves the swings!

Anni's last day of Dream Big meant a little performance of their rendition of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

reading night at Peirce school included a book swap table- bring some and take some.

there were also crafts! "this is you mama and you is holding Abishai and he is crying cuz he always do that"

we ended our night by zumba'ing our bootays off!

Join me on this challenge! Document your family now in the moments of your everyday. C'mon it will be fun,