Tuesday, October 29, 2013

mercy new every morning

This morning was a spilled juice, baby spit up all over me, 2 blow outs before 8 am, girls fighting because they couldn't find the clothes we carefully laid out last night, running so we weren't late to school kind of day.  And I let the circumstances dictate my behavior.  I yelled and I just wanted to quit.  Days like today I am grateful His mercies are new every morning.  I just need to embrace them. Day by day.  Moment by moment.

Some days I condemn or congratulate myself depending on my self assessment of how I am doing as a mom.  Yelled at the kids= bad mama.  Did fun crafts and had awesome family time= good mama.  But it occurred to me that either way I am relying on myself.  God is the only One who enables me to walk this life with any amount of grace and love.  I want to remember this in the good and and the bad.  In the laughing and the fighting.  May He grant me the grace to remember what He has already done for me.  I don't have to behave a certain way to earn it but to embrace it more and more will continue to change everything about me.

"Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done."  
CS Lewis

Thursday, October 24, 2013

does this make me evil?

So last weekend I forced (with much kicking and screaming) my fam to take self-take family pictures for Abishai's birth announcement.  I really wanted to have a picture of all five of us since it is something we will save and a moment in time I want to remember. And because of my love of capturing everything in photos they just have to deal with it.  Their crosses to bear if you will.  Plus, I always bribe with candy :)

So off we went to a local park before heading to a church downtown to hear Carl Madearis speak (which was awesome).  This was the best family picture we could muster under the duress......
What duress you ask? Well, even if you aren't at all interested I have to divulge because we were laughing so hard I was crying by the end of our 20 minute "shoot."  To anyone that has even said to me, "you always have great family pictures," it is not without much suffering and gnashing of teeth y'all!  First, my tripod broke (memo to self order a new one asap) so I made Jason go steal borrow a huge garbage can from a nearby park and drag it over to set my camera on.  So that was the start of the fabulous-ness (what? It is a word). I finally got the angle right and after a few test shots pressed the self timer and ran to join my family sitting on a wooden fence.  What happened next will become the stuff of family legend and I choose to believe it has nothing to do with my generous boo-tay.  As soon as I sat down the entire fence broke resulting in Annikah being flung backwards, flipping over, and falling into the grass and brush behind us.  And you would be right to ask, "did you get it on film?" Why yes. Yes we did.  And it took every ounce of self control I had to NOT use this picture on the birth announcement.....
or this one....
Annikah was actually bleeding but we pressed on until exactly one frame later Abishai pooped through his clothes all over Jason's shirt. Awesome-ness (what it is a word!).
So considering all that I am pretty impressed we got one usable picture.

So, my question is...does it make me evil that I think these are pretty much the funniest pictures ever?
Just enjoying the chaos,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

more of fall

When we heard about a FREE fall fest in the burbs minutes away from my mom's house we were all about it. Plus, it was at an equestrian center and we all know about Miss Evy Imani and her love obsession with all things "horsey."  Bibi and Babu met up with us and helped us wait in lines and get to do everything before it closed for the day.  It was a beautiful fall day and being outside was the only sensible thing to do!
the girls getting their pummel horse on
There was a tree climb too!
Anni made it all the way to the top!
And so Evy did not as much climb the rope as get pulled and swing for a bit but she still felt like a rock star!
she was also sporting tights that were ripped to shreds by the end of the day. Pretty much how Evy rolls.
a hay ride pulled by these guys Evy's comment was "oh man, I wanted pink horses!" Seriously.
And there was a giant hay pit...holla! Abishai missed just about everything while he happily snoozed in the Ergo. Great day spent enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.
We heart fall y'all.

more of my boy

I barely made it to school drop off this morning in the pouring rain with three kids.  I also forgot that our car was parked almost 4 blocks away because of the Farmer's Market yesterday until the last minute so that was an added bonus.  Yikes. Let's just say if the city had more drive thru Starbucks I'd be broke on mornings like this.  But instead of coping with a latte I am at home editing photos and doing Pilates while Evy catches up on her Curious George watching and Abishai grabs a quick snooze in his swing.

This having three kids is not for the faint of heart I tell you.  But I am so blessed because Abishai so far is the easiest baby and super laid back.  By the way I didn't think that was actually possible.  I heard folks speak of illusive "easy babies" but because the girls were, let's say, challenging, I seriously never thought laid back kiddos existed but so far he is so chill.  And I am grateful.  Maybe it is also because this time around I am more relaxed too. Whatever it is I am grateful and I still cannot believe everyday when I wake up and feel amazing (tired to be sure but healthy).  There is seriously nothing as awesome as being well.  Abishai had a weight check this week and is still losing a bit of weight so the doctor asked us to supplement him more.  Apparently my milk still sucks.  Frustrating but I will continue to nurse and give him a few bottles a day as well.  Our boy is 2 weeks old and I had to post some pictures of our little sweetness because...adorbs!
a rare super unchill moment
the girls adore him
helping with bath time
serious cuteness.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Come and Dwell

This year's Semeiotic Art Gallery's theme is Dwell. The girls and I made a shadow box based on the theme and Psalm 84:1"How lovely is your dwelling place, Oh Lord God Almighty" and submitted it last minute (how we roll) to the gallery.  It was awesome to see their ideas flow and after a walk outside to collect "booutiful nature thiengs" we packed our little box. They chose to display their work alongside some pretty amazing pieces at the gallery and the girls felt so special.

If you are in Chicago come check out Dwell this coming weekend!
The Tree of Redemption. People are invited to place leaves with things that made their childhood safe or things that were missing from their growing up years.
Anni wrote, "Mama and Papa is there and Jesus is there." Adorbs.
And Evy told Joy to write, "cuz no bad guys come." Profound :)
Abishai's first art gallery
Evy loves Gaby!
The highlight for the girls was watching an original piece by Ballet 5:8. 
Anni spying on people looking at their piece. Love!
So proud of my artsy girls and the amazing opportunities they have to express their creativity and join with some amazing artists.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

first visitors

Abishai is loved. He was welcomed to this world by many friends & family. Here are some of his first fans!untitled-7
Good friends visit AND bring you pumpkin spice lattes.
Pastor Bill came and shared and prayed with us. Tears y'all!
Bibi loves to hold her first grandson
Uncle Rob can palm our little one.
My present for the girls: Big and Lil sister necklaces
Our friends from Congo moved to Texas the week we had Abishai.  We miss them so much already but it was a blessing the baby came early! We prayed that they would get to meet the baby before they left and they were able to visit in the hospital THE DAY before they took a bus to Texas.  They loved seeing our little man and brought us a sweet gift.
Joy had to meet the man who caused all the chaos for me over the last 9 months.
My dad drove out to see his grandson.
And this past weekend we drove out to visit my grandfather.
Great grandpa & his great grandson. Old & new. Beautiful.

This little boy is already loved so much and we can't wait for Jason's family to meet him!