Friday, May 31, 2013

if you can't find us...

We are at the beach.
It's where we hang out most ok pretty much all sunny days.  We bring some snacks, cover ourselves with sand and brave the freezing water (ok I mostly watch two little girls do this), chat with friends (consider that an invite to join us!), and run amok.  Today we picked up Nyasoni to join us since she had not been to the beach yet (GASP! They did arrive state side in December).  As true friends we could not let that continue.
You take the girl out of Africa but you cannot take the Africa out of the girl.

Here is to many more lazy days at the beach,

Monday, May 27, 2013

a father's dream

As children of the 80's we feel it is our duty to pass onto the next generation a love for all things Star Wars. Jason takes this particular calling seriously folks.  After introducing them to A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back Anni in particular cannot wait for the next instalment.  Evy pretty much says "me no like the Vader bad guy" and "Yoda is a funny guy" but we'll take it. A few weeks ago on a venture to a local toy store with a bag full of her carefully saved allowance and extra chore money Annikah spotted a poster announcing a Star Wars character appearance and she immediately wanted to surprise Papa for a date.  It was so sweet and the girls plotted and planned for 2 weeks giggling about their "secret" for Papa. And it was pretty awesome. I think we were the only family with only girls there and for that we are proud.
celebrity sighting. The girls both took about 20 pictures each. And they are very into picking out their outfits these days. Skirts are always part of the ensemble. Matching is clearly optional.
The 5-0 rolled up and apparently wanted to check out the Storm Trooper's weapons. Gotta love Chicago and Star Wars,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

water fun and some crying

Our family time in the Dells came to end way too quickly for two little girls who sobbed in the car the morning we left. I really struggled while we were there and by the second day was a puking, crying mess who could barely stand up and walk around.  I felt awful but Jason held his own with watersliding, kid wrangling, and taking care of all of us.  I think the car ride did me in and made my constant motion sickness worse.  The humid, loud, and crazy indoor water park was not the best place for and HG mama either but I'm still so glad we got to go and spend time as a family.
When the girls saw the pool they immediately stripped down. Never mind we did not have their swimming suits yet.  They were happy to wait poolside in their chupis for them to arrive.It was that exciting y'all!
hip hop dance, water park, it's a boy! 183
they love their Papa.
hip hop dance, water park, it's a boy! 197
small girl. ridiculously big water park.
hip hop dance, water park, it's a boy! 181
Umm, I love this picture something crazy.
hip hop dance, water park, it's a boy! 169
we were good little tourists and hit one of many fudge shops in town.
hip hop dance, water park, it's a boy! 210
a highlight was Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back) movie night.  Family snuggles, pizza, and a timeless classic.  Evy and I fell asleep but Annikah was enthralled and Jason said her face was priceless when she discovered that Luke was Vader's son.  I don't know who was more excited J or Anni.
hip hop dance, water park, it's a boy! 213
And on the drive home we stopped to eat (ok, mostly because I was so nauseous I was about to cry) and of course we had to take a picture with the bizarre, huge cow with scary utters. Because that is what you do on vacation. Obviously.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

getting our science on

This past week we enjoyed some family time before Jason starts his new gig this coming week. We got a sweet hook up and all headed to the Museum of Science and Industry and it is pretty much just as awesome as I remember it! I love me some museums.
the space part was a must since we just finished studying the solar system in science
pretending to float in space and eat freeze dried food. We tried the ice cream and they give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!
the city!!
me, bump, and fetus the size of our baby. And look at me trying to pretend I like being preggers. I get credit for that right?
love this picture of J and Evy and the guy yawning and the girl picking her nose are just bonuses for ya. You are welcome.
Science is fun,

Friday, May 24, 2013

an announcement.

J and I went to our 20 week appointment this morning and we found out our lil' fetus causing all these problems is a boy! We told the girls by giving them a gift bag full of peanuts and paper mustaches since Evy has insisted day after day that she does NOT want a baby brother since "boys have mustaches and peanuts (her word for penis despite the many times we have corrected her). We are excited around here and that means a lot considering the past 5 months have been rough.
So come October it is about to get less girly around here,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

this is going on...

We made it to the Dells to celebrate Anni finishing 1st grade, Jason's last week for he starts his new job, and our family surviving the last few months.  Although the car ride meant I was so sick yesterday that I pretty much sat and watched the girls and J run around and swim we are so enjoying being together as a family. Since preggos can't use the water slides or the hot tub and the waves in the lazy river almost made for some puke in the pool I will settle for taking pictures and watching these crazies have a blast! Watching my girls have so much fun is the best part anyway.
Time to head poolside,

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Hip Hop girl

Annikah had her dance recital today and I might have been probably was even more excited than her! Although all week she could not stop talking about it and kept saying, "Mama, I am so excited and shy and nervous for my dance." She has been so excited all year about being in a dance show and we are her biggest fans. I may be biased but she killed it! It was so fun to watch her have so much fun with her friends and be so proud of her hard work.  Bibi and Uncle Rob came out to support her and after we went to our fave Mexican joint (Anni's choice- definitely our kid) and she got flowers and a horse and fairy she has been saving for months to buy.  She was so sweet and said "Thanks so much for doing all this for my little recital."  Seriously, my heart melts for these moments; the stuff of mama-hood.
the break-dance and hip hop crew with their fabulous teacher Miss Jacquey
Our Hip Hop girl was awesome, yo! And yes I'm that Mama cheering super loud in the video, don't hate.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

a mother's day brunch

Mother's day weekend the girls are I were invited to a Mother's day Brunch to celebrate Mamas' and God's blessings in our lives. It was a special day uniting many different women that came together to celebrate a special bond motherhood brings.  I was asked to be the photographer to take portraits and candids to capture the day. I was happy to capture these moments so that many of the refugees that attended would have photographs of themselves and their children. Here is a glimpse of our day...
3 generations
loved this pose
It was a blessing to celebrate women and God's immense love and plan of redemption for every beautiful person He created.
Best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.